BrisAsia Festival 2015

Visit us at GAQ food stall
Reddacliff Place near Queen St Mall

Date: 27/Feb/2015 – 11 am onwards

Celebrate Brisbane’s connections with Asia during BrisAsia Festival from Friday 6 February to Sunday 1 March 2015.

BrisAsia Festival features traditional and contemporary Asian arts and cultural events across Brisbane. It profiles the work of local artists that identify with Asian heritage and promotes other Asian events held in our local communities. BrisAsia Festival aims to strengthen awareness of Asian culture in Brisbane through a series of events and hands on workshops. Experience, express and explore Asian culture in Brisbane.

Brisbane City Council places a high value on Brisbane’s creative events and vision that strengthens the city’s liveability as a vibrant, creative hub.

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GAQ is looking for volunteers for this event. Please contact GAQ committee for further information.