Annual General Meeting 2014-15

Dear Members,

GAQ Committee announces the convening of Annual General Meeting and the Election of the Management Committee for 2015 on 10th May 2015 at 10:00 am at Kenmore Library Kenmore Village, 9 Brookfield Road, Kenmore 4069

The agenda will be announced nearer the time.

It was a good year for GAQ & we have worked together to build our community hall , at the same time we had taken some hard decision to make sure we act fairly & it is the time to make a change in the way we act in order to firm our base and follow the rules we have set up for the community.

All positions are open for taking, some from the existing team may want to continue but it is always nice to have fresh input from the membership.
For the current Committee members that may want to continue and the new members joining in your true commitment will be called for.
Respect, Integrity, Trust, Honesty are important to take GAQ forward and the time that you may invest has to be without expectation for personal gain.
Consideration and politeness is the characteristic of  our culture.
To build goodwill takes years, to break goodwill takes few ill placed words and actions.
Remember to have a post in the Committee is a privilege not a right and with that privilege then there are responsibilities.
Note if you are interested then you need to be :

* Willing to take the post and the accountability that goes with it;
* Have yourself nominated or nominate yourself;
* Have a Proposer put their name and phone number;
* Have a Seconder put their name and phone number.

Put these details on the formal form attached with this email or download from the GAQ website and return fully completed by 3rd of May  2015 no later than 5 pm to GAQ Elections, 10 Bonhaven St. RUNCORN OLD 4113 or 
GAQ Constitution calls for the nomination process to last for 14 days plus have these names displayed for 7 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
If there are more persons interested in a post then a voting process will be instigated at the meeting.
Late nominations are to be avoided unless the posts are vacant on the day of AGM in which case nominations from the floor may be called.
Any issues to discuss in this regards call Gaurang Thanki :  0415251748.

Thanking you,

Gaurang Thanki
Acting Secretary GAQ

Nomination Form : Click here
Financial Report : Click here